The Internet continues to grow exponentially in both number of users and bandwidth capacity to those users. There is also a new type of ‘user’ on the Internet – the ‘smart device’. These devices typically have simple interfaces with no method to look under the hood to see how they’re operating or if they have been hacked or exploited.   

At the same time, our Internet dependence is growing, and we’re seeing governments fund the creation of smarter cyber weaponry, which will greatly expand the attacking capability of bots. Today’s ‘in the wild’ bot attacking capabilities are still very primitive and feeble. However, with the creation of better weapons comes a trickle-down effect which will slowly get these new attacking methods into the hands of script kiddies and incorporated into new bots.

In this whitepaper, Defense.net’s Founder and CTO examines the current and pending trends behind the global DDoS threat landscape to help you better prepare your organization’s cyber defenses to be a match for 'DDoS 2015'.